The ultimate bipod deserves the ultimate sling. We chose Niggeloh of Germany, the best company in the business to make our new sling. Niggeloh are the global leader for rifle slings and are true to their slogan, “carrying at it’s best”.

The sling is made from genuine calf leather and neoprene so it’s extremely comfortable and lightweight.
The pockets are deep enough for the standard or long Javelin and there’s a flap with a ferrous insert which connects to the spigot magnet to keep it in place.
It features Niggeloh’s clever fasteners for attaching to the rifle and also to change the flap position.
The Javelin slides into one of 2 pockets so it’s ready in a jiffy when you need it.
The two pockets allow you to carry barrel up or down depending on your preference.
The sling can be quickly fitted to all regular swivels (European and US) as the webbing is 20mm wide.

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